Certificate in Visual FX & Compositing

The Certificate in Certificate in Visual FX & Compositing is designed to build knowledge and skills through an intensive series of subjects that cover a wide spectrum of the multiple media.

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    1. Job-oriented, industry centric curriculum
    2. Hands-on practical training using latest tools and software
    3. Certified faculty
    4. Exposure to industry interaction and workshops
    5. Placement assistance
    6. Learning enhanced with Augmented Reality books

    Course Outcome:

    1. Digital Design
    2. Concepts of Cinematography & Photography
    3. Lights, Colour & Perspectives
    4. Storytelling & Script Writing
    5. Audio -Video Editing
    6. Storyboarding and Animatics
    7. VFX Storytelling & 3D Pre-visualization
    8. Digital Compositing
    9. Keying (Green/ Blue screen)
    10. Matchmoving
    11. VFX Compositing
    12. Film Editing
    13. Colour Grading
    14. VFX Portfolio

    Why Certificate Visual FX & Compositing

    This program seeks to further develop understanding of photographic application for enhancing individual styles at an advanced level as an aspect of professional practice within the design context. Students will investigate and develop an individual approach using processes and practices in the origination and execution of visual ideas. Students will be required to work across a range of technologies to experiment and explore within the illustrative domain. These skills and knowledge may be applied to commercial outcomes. Visual effects help to recreate interesting phenomena in the world of movies like natural disasters, bomb blasts, flying objects, superheroes, volcanoes etc. The VFX is usually done at the last stage that is the post-production in editing but it is planned at the pre-production and production stage under the guidance of the director and VFX supervisor after the story is finalized. Video editing requires visual aesthetic skills, a sense of pacing to draw out the emotion of the story, and attention to detail. To be a VFX compositor or a video editor, you would need to understand the elements of composition, lighting & shadow, and colour. Aniframes VFX & Compositing course covers compositing and VFX, end-to-end.

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    Those who are looking forward for a career in Multimedia making can apply for this course.

    Aniframes College of Arts & Multimedia maintains a 100% track record of having all their successfully passed out students being employed. Thereby if you successfully complete the course, the placement cell will ensure that you find employment in companies relevant to your subject.

    • Creative Visualizer • Graphic Designer • Web Designer • Web Animator • Photoshop Artist • Multimedia Designer • Logo Designer