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Certificate in 3DS Max Architectural Visualization

Duration – 8 Months

Architectural 3D Visualisation is an extremely popular trend in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry. 3D models, animations and walkthroughs provide a realistic, detailed view of buildings and interiors, thus allowing improved communication of a proposed design to developers, engineers, fabricators, architects and clients.

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Certificate in VFX and Editing

Duration – 8 Months

Learn how to create visual effects for 3D animations, film, or television with After Effects, Maya, CINEMA 4D, as well as other compositing packages like Nuke. These courses also show how to create realistic composites, dynamic particle systems, and other special effects…

About Us

Aniframes, Mysore’s leading Animattion, Multimedia & VFX college, specialized in the field of Animation, Vfx, game, graphic, interior and product design courses, is nurturing creative student masterminds to translate their artistic dreams into success. we ensure that we provide our students with the best academic experience to nurture their creative dreams. Future Animators, Game designers, 3D VFX specialists, Graphic & UI/UX Designers, Interior, Architectural, Furniture and Product Designers,
At our academy, our students are given a sound foundation in 2D art and design, by encouraging them to explore their creativity and strengthening their core design skills. After which,they then use the latest software and industry tools, to translate their best designs to the digital medium. Well researched, industry-relevant course curriculum in tandem with studio experienced teachers, high-tech facilities, workshops, seminars, studio internships, in-house incubation center and adherence to international training standards, make the academic progress at our centre ,dynamic and very career-relevant.
With Global demand for skilled animators, gaming developers, Vfx specialists and designers being very high, our leading Diploma and Certificate programs, ensure promising careers to cater to the huge demand of the Design, Media and Entertainment industry. Aniframes, considered Mysore’s best animation and design college, ensuring that the quality education is delivered, making our students competent for an international marketplace and that the top dream jobs out there, are theirs to pick!
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“ANiFRAMES – College of Arts, Animation & Multimedia strives to be the premier school for multimedia education and become a worldwide influence as an educational provider in the field of learning and creativity, with its presence felt across the country. This vision will be achieved through a learning-centered approach that fulfills the evolving needs of the marketplace in a variety of creative careers”


Mission The mission of ANiFRAMES – Collage of Arts, Animation & Multimedia is to provide employers with quality skilled graduates prepared by experienced faculty using market-driven competency-based curricula. The objectives of the mission are: Involving employers in the development of curricula that is responsive to industry needs through Program Advisory Committees. Employing faculty who possess appropriate academic credentials, industry-related experience, and who exhibit excellence in teaching. Enhancing institutional effectiveness by consistently assessing and improving student retention, employment assistance, learning outcomes, and graduate and employer satisfaction? Working with passion, integrity and a sense of fun . Building trust, self-esteem and a willingness to respect and share knowledge with others . Opening infinite pathways and possibilities of knowledge. Establishing patterns which make learning and creativity a way of life . Fostering a culture of learning and collaboration that assures academic freedom, professional development and encourages responsible decision-making and critical thinking among students, faculty, and staff. Assisting students in obtaining career related employment. Providing alumni with continuing educational opportunities. Serving the community as a creative and educational resource through the active participation of students, faculty, and staff in a variety of outreach opportunities.

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