Diploma in Animation & VFX

Aniframes Diploma in Animation and VFX is 3 year full time creative skill oriented course.

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    Diploma in Animation & VFX

    About The Course

    Diploma in Animation and VFX is an Diploma program offered to those who have interest in the Animation sector and their uses nowadays in various fields like cartoons, 3D/4D movies etc. can take admission to this course. The aim of the course is to offer eligible students basic learning in the field of animation and multimedia with their applications in the real world. The students will learn how to develop VFX in tandem with characters and story. The students have to understand, storytelling, cinematography, and seamless integration of CGI plus Live action.
    Diploma in Animation & VFX

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    DAVFX is a job-oriented course where the qualified student will be an expert ready to join the evergrowing Media & Design Industry as soon as his/her education is completed.

    VFX Artist, Compositor, Roto Artist, Matchmove Artist, Animator, Modeller Sculptor, Concept Artist, Storyboard Artist, Motion Graphics Artist, Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Production Coordinator, etc.