Certificate in Multimedia:

Duration:18 months, Eligibility: 18years

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    Main Modules:

    1. Multimedia
    2. Fundamentals
    3. Image Editing Techniques
    4. Audio Editing Techniques
    5. Video Editing & Special Effects
    6. 3D Animation Techniques
    7. Website Development Fundamentals

    Job Opportunities:

    Certificate Multimedia course helps students to choose their work areas such as in the creation of animation characters, the creation of 2D or 3D shapes and special visual effects. Students who are able to showcase their creative and artistic abilities via drawing, sketching, project or portfolios have lucrative chances of getting hired by top companies.

    The prime fields where one could plan a career in multimedia are:

    • Advertising
    • Entertainment Industry
    • Web industry
    • Fashion and interior designing
    • Print News Media
    • Publishing Industry
    • E-learning
    • Cartoon Production

    Why Certificate in Multimedia

    The Certificate in Multimedia is designed to build knowledge and skills through an intensive series of subjects that cover a wide spectrum of multiple medias. Students gain knowledge based on experience through extensive lab time using multiple hardware platforms. A one-to-one (student-to machine) lab ratio allows students to individually explore the intricacies of a wide variety of graphics software. Students create a series of projects and assets throughout the program in addition to a final project specially developed to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities to potential employers. The Certificate in Multimedia course would take the student through all the areas of digital creative media namely graphic design, web design, 3D architectural visualization, modelling, texturing, lighting, animation, editing polishing his or her skills for the challenging multimedia industry as wells as exposure in order to keep the student at par with the demands of the industry. The Certificate Course in Interactive Multimedia explores the art and science of interactive media development. In this course, students delve into concepts of interactive multimedia development through collaborative, hands-on projects and they explore interactive computing, the fundamentals of website architecture and development, interactive multimedia design and development. Multimedia developers might work directly with other multimedia design professionals, including Web developers, graphic designers and Web designers. They might develop 2D Animation,3D Animation, websites or even touch-screen kiosks using graphics,audio,and video and animation aspects.

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    Those who are looking forward for a career in Multimedia making can apply for this course.

    Aniframes College of Arts & Multimedia maintains a 100% track record of having all their successfully passed out students being employed. Thereby if you successfully complete the course, the placement cell will ensure that you find employment in companies relevant to your subject.

    • Creative Visualizer • Graphic Designer • Web Designer • Web Animator • Photoshop Artist • Multimedia Designer • Logo Designer