Certificate in MAYA (CM6)

Aniframes Diploma Certificate in MAYA (CM6)

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    Why Certificate in MAYA (CM6)

    The Certificate in MAYA is designed to build knowledge and skills through an intensive series of subjects that cover a wide spectrum of animation film making. Students gain knowledge based on experience through extensive lab time using multiple hardware platforms. A one-to-one (student-to machine) lab ratio allows students to individually explore the intricacies of a wide variety of graphics software. Students create a series of projects and assets throughout the program in addition to a final project specially developed to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities to potential employers. Autodesk Maya combines powerful tools for the major areas in 3D content creation: modelling, animation, texturing, and rendering. Many of today’s top films and video games are created in Maya, from characters, to models, levels, and more. This course helps you unlock the mysteries of this challenging program. You’ll develop a thorough understanding of the Maya toolset, learning how to create, edit, and refine polygon models, add textures and apply UV maps, develop basic animations, and export scenes for team or client preview. Class projects include working with primitives, complex inorganic models, character modelling, texturing, animation studies, and exporting a scene.

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    It is a job-oriented course where the qualified student will be an expert ready to join the evergrowing Media & Design Industry as soon as his/her education is completed.

    Aniframes College of Arts & Multimedia maintains a 100% track record of having all their successfully passed out students being employed. Thereby if you successfully complete the course, the placement cell will ensure that you find employment in companies relevant to your subject.

    • Storyboard Artist 
    • 2D animator 
    • 3D Animator 
    • Motion Graphics Artist 
    • Video Editor 
    • Sound Editor 
    • 3D modeler 
    • Compositor 
    • Rigging artist 
    • Lightning artist 
    • Texturing artist 
    • FX Artist