Specialized & Advance Certificate courses

admissions open for 2023 Batch

Specialist in Visual FX and Compositing (SVC)

This program seeks to further develop understanding of photographic application for enhancing individual styles at an advanced level.

Specialist in 3DS MAX Architectural Visualization (SMAV)

In this program you will learn how to model a complex architectural scene and optimize it for quick editing and rendering.

Advanced Certificate in MAYA

Students gain knowledge based on experience through extensive lab time using multiple hardware platforms.

The Advanced Certificate in Graphics & Web design

The Advanced Certificate in Graphics & Web design is designed to build knowledge and skills through an intensive series of subjects that cover a wide spectrum of the multiple media.

Advanced Certificates

We provide opportunities to succeed

Sometimes professionals who are already well versed in their careers need a little additional help and support. In these instances, an advanced certificate may be the right answer.

Advanced certificate programs are designed for professionals who are already established in their careers. Often these professionals already have graduate certificates or degrees but want some additional study in the career field.

Obtaining an advanced certificate gives the student practical training in a specific area of the degree or career field. Often these certificates can be used immediately in the workplace.