Employment opportunities

This multimedia industry is multi-faceted and requires artists to suit the Entertainment, Web, E-learning, Media & advertising, Print and even industrial, medical & hospitality industries. Innumerable artists are required in any full-fledged 2D /3D animated broadcast TV or Film production – Pre-Production artists, Storyboard artists, BG artists, In-betweeners, Layout artist, Scanner operator, Modelers, Textures, Lighting rendering artists, Riggers, Character Animators, Matte painters, Roto artists, Compositors, SFX artist to name a few. Graphic and Web designers are essentially absorbed in the Design, Advertising, Web, Publishing and print-based industries. In fashion/interior designing and even in medical, legal, architecture, automobile and insurance companies, animators are required to make presentations, models, and simulations.

The digitalization wave has brought in a great demand for animators and designers. India has become a destination for several international production houses, which have been setting up their studios here. The talent in India has been recognized and is being used extensively for animation movies, advertising, marketing, web designing and other related fields resulting in a steep increase in the demand for more skilled workforce in the animation field. Animation and multimedia are one of the most jobs assured sector. Starting salaries range between Rs. 1 lakh to -3.0 lakhs per annum depending on the candidate’s expertise.

AThe Indian animation industry, on the other hand, was estimated to have a value of US$ 354 million in 2006 and is estimated to reach US$ 1.5 billion by 2015. In the non-entertainment segment, the demand for animation production services will touch US$ 14.7 billion by 2015.

The placement cell at Aniframes College of Arts & Multimedia

At Aniframes College of Arts & Multimedia, we have a very efficient placement cell dedicated to ensuring that every successful student gets a secure career in the industry. The placement cell collects the resumes along with portfolio/demo reel of all students who are successfully completing their courses. Students are then prepared for interviews and aptitude tests. Their resumes are categorized based on their specialization and mapped to the industry requirements. Since we have been around in the industry for a long while now, we have established a good rapport and work relationship with some of the top companies in animation and designing. This proves to be a great asset to assure good placements for our students.

Aims & Objectives : Placement Cell

• To train them with employability skills
• To empower them with communicative abilities
• To enrich them with leadership qualities
• To enable them to tackle the interviews with ease
• To equip them with life coping skills
• To enable the candidate to land up in the right job
• To get matching remuneration for the work
• To get the right employers for the right candidate