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Aniframes faculty and industry advisory boards are second to none. Their credits include work with some of the prestigious studios of the industry. We have hand-picked those who have an exceptional capacity to share their expertise – a gift for drawing out your creative best, for mentoring the next wave of unforgettable talent. If you have a passion and dedication for your own art and a commitment to the pursuit of excellence, then you have come to the right place.


Our instructors will keep you focused. This is the way the industry works. Tight. Intense. Dynamic. Highly creative! Your instructors take an entrepreneurial and personal approach to your education through hands-on instruction. They don’t just want you to be successful in your new career; they want you to excel in a highly competitive world. They will be there at the beginning of your career at Aniframes and through to the finish line – and beyond. Mentoring. Advising. Collaborating. Their dedication to you and your own commitment to your craft will pay off over a lifetime. You might start as a student but you will graduate as a colleague.

Technical Team

SHRIHARI G J, Technical Head

BFA graduate having 12 years of experience in Basic Art, Architectural Visualization and VFX


B.Com & BFA graduate having 12 years of experience in Basic Art, 2D Animation, Graphic & Web Design

NOEL C, Faculty

BFA graduate having 7 years of experience in Architectural visualization (Civil, Exterior & Interior)

AKHIL C J, Faculty

B.Com graduate with Diploma in MAYA having 6 years of experience in 3D Modeling & Animation


Faculty, certified and having 6 years of experience in Graphic Design & Photography


M.Sc graduate with Diploma in Animation & VFX having 1 year of experience in 3D Animation & VFX

Front Desk

YASHASWINI C, Co-ordinator

MCA graduate with 3 years of experience in Students Counseling & Management

TEJASWINI B R, Executive

Commerce Graduate with 6 years of experience in Students Counseling


Front Office Assistant with 6 years of experience in Facilities Managemennt