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Certificate in Web Design

Duration: 5 months, 2 hours a day & 5 days a week.

Web Design

Web Design subject provides fundamental technical, creative, and critical thinking skills for a career in Web design. Students build proficiency in the technologies that Web design clients and employers demand. Students are taught the fundamentals of visual design techniques to make their work stand out. Students learn how to create digital images and interactive page elements, build Web sites compliant to the international web standards with HTML, CSS, and design sites that are functional and creatively appealing.

Students will learn how to plan a website using a structured document, site navigation types, creating web illustrations like buttons, banners & bars, typography for the web, scribbling the layout, creating web templates, slicing the templates, recognizing good design vs. bad design, optimizing graphics and images for faster downloads.

Students will also learn to create animated contents to be integrated into a website, creating e-greetings, animated banners and other web components, e-presentations, Advanced Action Script 3.0, Overview of Search engine optimization, Domain hosting, Site uploading & Maintenance.



Students will create the presentation elements that surround the main showreel. Students will learn how to make successful presentations that address the needs expressed in a variety of job descriptions. Presentation materials created in class will include visual branding, creating reel openers and closers, and the compilation of any traditional artwork. Students will also learn how to layout and implement an artist-friendly portfolio website. This class will culminate in a finished, professional demo reel on a DVD presented to a large audience for feedback and a modular portfolio website.

The portfolio for web design will include a number of Web templates with an international look and feel, completely done website designs, Flash website mock-ups, animated e-presentations etc.

Students will gain proficiency in the following software in this subject.
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Indesign
• Adobe Illustrator
• Corel Draw

Career Opportunities for completion of the course

• Graphics Designer • Creative Visualizer • Content Designer • Magazine Designer • Visual Journalist • Art Director • Brand identity designer • Icon Designer • Broadcast Designers • Logo Designer • Package Designer • Interface Designer • Layout artist • Photoshop Artist • Publishing Designer

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